Firstlove Music Radio

ABOUT Firstlove Music Radio

We Are A FREE SHOUTcast Internet Radio Station Playing Music 24xs7 of 50s 60s 70s & Beyond, ALL types RNR Country R&B Soul & Comedy. Our Goal IS to PROMOTE OUR Music & FREE Internet RADIO, as a Public Service, For ANYONE & EVERYONE to Enjoy. WE Are a Noncommercial, Nonprofit, Private,  Expermental Internet Radio Station. Thank You For Listening To OUR Station & have fun listening to it. DJ-SirDuke P.S. I AM The Oldies Authority, Thank you DJ-SirDuke 

OUR Radio Station started in April 2005, ( was scheduled to start on Valentines day 2005 BUT due to technical problems with our DSL & also not being able to configure our own server back then, correctly, using Winamp & SHOUTcast, we didn't get it done untill April of 2005). We have constantly improved OUR Radio Station since then, with more Music & a professional SHOUTcast Server. The Radio Station was off the internet for about 1 year from about April 1 2006 untill about April of 2007. Also short periods of times it was offline when we changed to several different IPs & DSL providers. The latest BIG change is when We added a Low Power license free FM transmitter locally where We are, at 97.9 mhz on the FM Radio dial. We also had several different professional SHOUTcast Radio Servers from about 2008 - about 2009. We been with Igniso/Wavestreamer since then to currently. Our New Professional website here is quite new, about 3 months old. We are very Thankfull & Proud of OUR Radio Station & Listeners. Thank You  DJ-SirDuke

 One Last thing to mention here. This Radio Station is meant to be listened to, not for stealing MY Music from.  You want Your own Music buy it like I did.  Thank you DJ-SirDuke