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 Welcome To Firstlove Music Radio The REAL Oldies Station Where The GREATEST Music EVER Made Lives ON. The REAL Oldies 50s 60s 70s & some beyond The 80s ROCKnROLL R&B COUNTRY SOUL & COMEDY Music +Oldies TV Themes. 

The Greatest Music Ever Made or Will Be Made. Playing Oldies Music From 1950s 1960s 1970s & beyond 1980s ALL Types RNR R&B Country Soul & Comedy. We ARE The Oldies Authority!       

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Oldies Saturday Night Sock Hop Requests & Dedications SHOW With DJ-SirDuke & Others!

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FOR Requests & Dedications call 952-873-2787 OR on The Internet AT #FirstloveMusicRadio. Just type in Your Name or Nick if you want to & who the Request or Dedication is for, if anybody. The Name of the song & the artist if you know it & hit ENTER to post it in whichever Channel You choose & I will play it live as soon as I can. Or You Can send it to My Email Address . My Hours are approx. Noon-Midnite 7days a week. Central Time. REMEMBER, We need more listeners to KEEP Internet Radio FREE & The Oldies Playing. Thank You DJ-SirDuke. 

NEW: Coming to Firstlove Music Radio The Wolfman_Jack_XERB SHOW


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